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You’re listening to the Mark in Russia Broadcast, episode # 97, and I’m Mark…………………………


I’d like to do something unusual for me. I recently found out that a teacher and friend of mine who moved from Russia to France has a bunch of her students who listen to my broadcast. So, I’d like to say hello to them and thanks for listening. I think that Ulyana, your teacher has you listening in terms of language and accent perhaps and I should tell you that she is not as crazy as I sound; she’s a very nice person and a good teacher. Count yourselves lucky.


OK, strap your belts because here we go………………………..


As America continues its implosion due to the leftist president and his comrades, the American people as a rule ride along to their demise and the destruction of their childrens futures. Well, not all actually and certainly not me. I hopped off the PC train years ago and chose not to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

As this fool of a president and his accomplices destroy the American economy and by collateral damage, the world’s economy, destroy the American healthcare system, the American armed forces, the American education system, the American work ethic and hell, the very concept of the American dream. The mainstream media reports little or nothing about these critical issues and even when they do, it’s only to deny that it’s even happening. Instead they report with glee and pride that 2013 was the gayest year in American history. This one came out, that one came out, gays are now touted as the very image and definition of virtue in the Brave New World of Ameritopia (thanks Mark Levin for this name). Why, it’s just like one giant unending debutant ball. No offence to homosexuals out there, but you are allowing yourselves to be used by despicable people who consider you all nothing more than useful idiots and the end result will most likely be a big backlash against you, but this should be no surprise. The leftist Obama and his ilk have proved to be the most divisive government in the history of the U.S. But, the Balkanization of America is a necessary step in order to successfully change America in the way they would like. It’s very important to have the loyal subjects to this imperial president spend their time either surfing the internet and “tweeting” some bullshit, or else hating on everybody and asking the government to protect them from everyone else and give each group special privileges. The new government and media approved racism is against “old white males”. I guess that I’m included in this group, but they can stick this where the sun doesn’t shine. I will never become a pussified male in the land of political correctness.

Anyhow, everyone keep your eye on the shiny object over here, in this case LBGT rights or whatever the hell else is the flavor of the week, while the masterminds wreak their havoc on the truly important parts of our culture and society. It’s my desire that the media, such a American Pravda, also known as the New York Times and their butt buddy media outlets feel the full wrath of the American people when they finally wake up and discover that none of this could have happened without the full support and lies of the media, and by wrath, I don’t mean going out of business only.

This isn’t a “hatin on homosexuals episode, but rather a hatin on Obama episode.

Why, Obama was even declared by Time magazine to be the first “Gay President” just in time to grab the gay vote before the 2012 elections. He appeared on the cover with a rainbow halo over his shrunken big eared head. What a pathetic vision of what America is and what the presidency means now. Pathetic Time magazine can now no longer even afford to issue the print issue of their wretched little magazine and is now only available by internet. But, they will march in lock step with the leftist president as they are put out of business. More useful idiots.

Well, 2013 may have been the gayest year to date in America, but the useful idiots will do all within their power to make sure that 2014 is even gayer.

Let’s talk about parades for a minute, I mean parades, this is quite the American tradition. The largest and most popular parade in America every year is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade held each year on Thanksgiving in New York City. The second largest parade of the year in America is the Tournament of Roses Parade held in Pasadena, California each year on January 1st. I recall watching this parade even when I was quite young and the beautiful floats made from and decorated with roses. As a matter of fact, on average in recent years, approx. 67 million people worldwide will watch this parade in person, on television and internet, so what better place for the useful idiots to rub the newfound USA gayness in everyones face? There will be one float where two homosexuals will travel along hand and hand and will actually get married on the float as a highlight of the parade. Are these two and the useful idiots behind this scheme of the belief that all of the crowd will be oohing and ahhhing this spectacle? How about half of the people? Maybe a third? The correct answer is less than 26% of people in America approve of homosexual marriage and even this number is false. The fact is that PC people when asked this question in a survey will often say yes, just to not appear closed minded, in reality they do not approve. So basically this is just another in your face attempt by Homosexual groups in America to create controversy and their belief that the more in your face they are, the quicker you will give up your morals and religion and accept defeat. I suspect that Phil Robertson has marked a turning point in this strategy of the radical homosexuals. In this case the silent majority said that they would be silent no longer and kicked their queer asses, figuratively speaking of course.  The radical group “GLAAD” is now SAD. These radical groups will only make things worse for the vast majority of homosexuals who are not in your face and these are the ones who need to stop the radicals.

No matter what your views on homosexuals are, I think that 99% of people hate your fucking parades and in your face methods.  I’ll stay out of your bedroom, but you stay out of my face.

Anyhow, back to Obama.



You’re listening to the Mark in Russia Broadcast, episode 096 and I’m Mark……………..

Todays broadcast will continue our theme of You Are Not Special and also touch a little on the holidays.

Selfie of the year award goes to the winner of the narcissist of the year award, Barack Hussien Obama!


This selfie included some queen or some such thing from perhaps Denmark, James Camaron, the British Prime Minister and the US Narsissist in Chief, Barrack Hussien Obama.

Michele Obama, a rather pissed off person by nature, seems even more so in the background of the selfie. A much fairer soul than myself would say that she was embarrassed and angry at the public behavior of her husband, but this was not the case, she was pissed because it appeared that her husband was flirting with this other woman, and that was the only reason. A woman who was caught off mic laughing with her husband about having to attend another ceremony with stupid flying American flags, doesn’t care about how her jackass husband make the USA look in the eyes of others. Actually, some of you may remember this radical b.i…….. saying that “……….she was proud of her country for the first time when her husband won the democratic nomination for president.”, well as you can tell, I’m not at all o fan of Michelle. Anyhow, the official White House photographer took a picture of Obama looking into Michele’s eyes after the celebration, hanging on every word, while in the background was this queen, princess, or whatever from Denmark, being ignored. Yeah! Michele Obama 1, queen or whatever one!

Anyone who has studied a bit about this man’s past, and the mainstream media certainly has never wanted to do this, will understand that if there was any flirting going on, it was between Obama and David Camaron; the queen, princess, or whatever was just his “beard”. For those of you who don’t know what “beard” means here, look it up and we are not talking about hair on the face in this application.


You know, I wasn’t going to include Obama in today’s broadcast. Just thinking of the man is a “buzzkill”, listening to his voice gives me the runs. But, recently I had the experience of having to hear an angry leftist man, whose opinions mean jack to me, inform me that because I am currently living in Russia, I have given up my right to criticize any American leaders. Such a facist dude. I guess that founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others who spent extensive time overseas as adults, also lost the right to speak truth to power? Go back to your small little life angry man and keep your facist attitudes away from my broadcast. I’ll say what I wish and will never try to act or speak politically correct, the language of cowards, pussies and freaks.

Foot group photo

You’re listening to episode # 095 of the Mark in Russia Broadcast and I’m Mark…………………………….


The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t give a crap about what most people think of me. This can actually help society in the respect that I’ll no longer keep my mouth shut in order to be politically correct. Well, this does show up occasionally in my broadcasts, but today my sharp tongue will be aimed at young people.

Seeing how my life as a university teacher and someone who works with youth exchange programs revolves amongst the young, this episode may lose me some Facebook Friends, but what the hell, it’s better to be told the truth rather than let people you like live a lie.

I’ve always found it humorous that the media needs to find some name for each generation. My generation was known as the “do nothing” generation because we said “screw you” to the prior hippy generation, we didn’t give a crap about the whales and instead decided to make careers. Well, my generation was not the “Great Generation” as the older generation of 80 year olds were, but we did invent the internet, all things IT, video games, Microsoft, mobile phones, space shuttles, home computers and tablet computers and pretty much everything else you young punks can’t live without today, so I guess we did do “something”. We were followed by Generation “X”, Generation “Y” and now we have the young generation referred to as the “Millennials”. You millennials are the ones who this message is aimed at today. Generation X and Y, it’s too late for you.



This week I read some rather random news stories about Russia from Western news services and also report on a couple of current U.S. news stories.


Welcome to Episode 093 of the Mark in Russia Broadcast.

In today’s podcast I talk a little bit about the 30 Greenpeace “activists” who are now sitting in jail awaiting trial. While Russia catches crap from all of the western countries, seems like the western countries “forgot” about how they blew up and sunk the Greenpeace ship, “Rainbow Warrior” killing a couple of people in the meantime. Seems to me that detaining a crew of 30 is not quite to that level.