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You’re listening to the Mark in Russia broadcast, episode 107, and I’m Mark.


Ok, first I want to announce a language alert. If you are under 18 or if some foul language offends you then you really need to turn off this episode now. There is no other way to emphasize the topic or severity of the topic without some salty language thrown in. So, if you will be offended, leave now and I’ll produce a clean language broadcast in about a week or so. Hell, you’ve waited since July for this one, another week or so won’t hurt you.

Leave now or forever hold your criticism concerning the language.

I want to talk a bit today about the death of the first Ebola patient in the USA.


Thomas Eric Duncan was a Liberian national and also the first person out of a potential huge number of people in America to die of this horrible disease. It’s rather fitting that he is called by his first middle and last name, you see, it’s an American tradition to reference all three names when we speak of assassins, think of Lee Harvey Oswald and James Wilkes Booth; the list is actually quite long, for some reason we refer to them by all three names. Well, one exception would be Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Robert Kennedy, but then again he was just some asshole from an Arab country that had only two names, and both of them the same.

Let me first read the statement from the hospital concerning his death, along with a little bit from his family:

“It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51 a.m.,” a spokesman from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said in a statement.

“Mr. Duncan succumbed to an insidious disease, Ebola. He fought courageously in this battle. Our professionals, the doctors and nurses in the unit, as well as the entire Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas community, are also grieving his passing. We have offered the family our support and condolences at this difficult time,” the statement said.

In a statement, Duncan’s partner, Louise Troh, who is in quarantine, expressed her thanks to the Dallas community, her church and the Liberian community for their support.

Our deepest sympathies go out to his father and family in Liberia and here in America. Eric was a wonderful man who showed compassion toward all,” the statement said.

I, on the other hand am profoundly happy that this piece of Liberian garbage is dead, furthermore, I hope he suffered a whole hell of a lot before he died.

Wow, I can hear the intake of breath already and others who are convinced that I will go immediately to hell for this statement, yet I can assure you that I won’t.

Let’s take a short look at this asshole who is now eulogized as a “Wonderful man who showed compassion toward all”. Now, he may have been a compassionate man and a wonderful one at that, but the last couple of weeks of his life had erased any good he ever did prior to that. Why do I say that, well let me expound on the Thomas Eric Duncan story.


This is a Liberian, he is not American, nor does he hold US citizenship or even a green card. In his hometown in Liberia, he saw two of his landlord’s children die of Ebola and at that time also realized that he helped carry one of the two to the hospital in a taxi. These were compassionate acts and he should be commended, but these are the last compassionate acts of his putrid ending life. You see, as soon as old Eric discovered that these kids had Ebola, including the one who he handled while getting her into a taxi, he figured he was a goner, but instead of just kissing his own sorry bony ass goodbye, he decided to become an assassin, kind of a modern day Typhoid Mary. In short, he ended his life as a selfish murdering asshole.

He was a driver for FedEx and the first thing he did was quit his job, the second thing he did was to go for a visa interview at the American Consulate there in Liberia. Now, I’ve got to say that here in Russia I’ve seen a hell of a lot of very good people be denied a visa for what seemed like no reason at all, but there in sunny Africa apparently a jobless unemployed driver with family in the USA seemed like a good risk and apparently the Consulate felt he would return. It should be mentioned here that Liberia has the worst non-return rate of people on US visas in the world. In other words, they travel to the US as tourists and then never leave. But, because I gave up the bullshit American habit of speaking politically correct, let’s call this as we should. Russians are white, European and educated, America is not looking for these traits anymore in immigrants or intending immigrants. But if you are a black African, even if from a hotbed of Ebola, you are one of Barrack Hussien Obama’s people and he wants you in the USA, so come on over Eric!


This selfish asshole only wanted to come to America because he thought that he might get treated there and live. Well, I can hear the minds clicking right now thinking, “You can’t really blame the guy for trying to do what he did in order to survive”. Well, guess again, I CAN blame him and will. He saw with his own eyes how it spread even throughout the place where he was living in Liberia and as he boarded the first flight to Belgium hung out at the airport waiting for his connecting flight to Washington, then waited there in the airport for his final flight to Dallas, he knew damned right well that he was possibly infecting every person he came within a meter of. He knew this very well, yet this selfish asshole kept on coming and infecting. A piece of shit intending illegal immigrant coming to my country to save his worthless foreign ass, rather than acting like a man and not taking women, children, men, ambulance drivers etc. with him. How can any pathetic clown, other than his mother speak of this POS in such glowing terms. The pussy died here anyhow, but not without first spreading death on a very wide trail.

Since this asswipe means nothing to me anyhow, let’s think about the medical costs to keep his sorry foreign ass alive for the 9 days he spent in the hospital. These costs are estimated to be about one million dollars, for the hospital and that doesn’t even include the cleanup project or the cost to keep the other sorry ass Liberian illegal aliens in a 5-star resort as they are kept for 21 days to see how many of them now have it. Are the American taxpayers going to get this money back from his family and friends? Ha!!!!!! No, the American taxpayers have just been forced to spend a million dollars to try to save this selfish asshole and when it comes time for an actual American’s elderly mom to go into the hospital with Ebola from this patient zero, she will not see this level of care and will die in an agonizing manner. Maybe now you can just barely begin to understand why I hope that he died in agony? Can’t yet? Well, let me play an audio clip from the asshole’s nephew here in America and I have no doubt that the asshole nephew is an illegal alien in the USA

You are going to hear radio talk show host and Constitutional scholar Mark Levin now. This man is a fountain of information and a pleasure to listen to.



Welcome, you’re listening to the Mark in Russia Broadcast, episode 106 and I’m Mark………….


Lots of crap happening in the world today; the bloated and decomposing remains of about 300 dead bodies lying on the ground in Ukraine for more than 3 days in the sun who dropped in only because nobody shot a missile and killed all of them in addition to the destruction of another country’s airliner.

In the second largest city of Iraq, Mosul, the very last Christians left the city today after living there for 2000 years. These were the descendants of the great Assyrian people, who converted to Christianity shortly after the times of Jesus Christ. They were forced out under penalty of death by the low life Arab Islamo-nazi group called ISIS. The Western countries haven’t made a peep about this either. They’d rather be politically correct than actually defend fellow Christians anywhere else in the world. They figure if you don’t mention it, it isn’t happening. I don’t read about this atrocity in the Western press nor the Russian press. Maybe fewer pictures of our leaders looking holy lighting candles and more of them trying to protect western civilization.

All along the southern border of the U.S., more than 1000 illegal, diseased uneducated children, some “children” more than 30 years of age are pouring across the border and the so-called President of the USA does nothing except prevent the US Border Patrol from doing their jobs. Meanwhile, 320 million Americans sit like frightened cowards and let it happen. Never in my life did I believe I would see the people turn into such cowards. More fun to surf the net on their iPads and “Tweet” each other, as the bad guys of the world see the opportunity to take care of America finally. These illegal vermin are now spreading throughout American cities and communities and diseases are now appearing and being passed to the native population that haven’t been seen in the USA for decades.

Yeah folks, you elected him twice douche bags, how is that Hope and Change Obama style working out for you?

Israel, after having thousands of missiles launched into its cities and towns has finally had enough and has decided to bring it directly to Hamas. Of course western countries are asking them to “use restraint”, Yeah, really? Is there any western country, and I include Russia in this, that would allow a hostile neighbor to fire thousand of missiles into its population centers and then “show restraint” when it comes time to finally take care of the neighbors? The answer is No, so all of you other countries, shut the F up, it’s not your business and as for the Palistinians etc, protesting in western capitals and becoming violent animals about this, why the F did you even invite these hatred filled people to live in your western cities? How’s that working out for you?

Well, my point is that there is plenty of crap happening right now that I could feature on today’s broadcast, but I would like a break from this and instead I’ll feature an interview I did a couple of months ago with a Russian journalist named Veniamin Levitt, for you English speakers, the name Veniamin is Benjamin in English.

Veniamin is a younger guy, just over 30 years old but is a pleasure to speak with. Politically I believe that he and I are poles apart on some issues, but he is intelligent enough to make a compelling argument for his viewpoint and he is actually a wonderful window for me in what and why Russians feel the way they do about many things.

We met the first time when I was a guest on a radio show he was hosting on Silver Rain radio in Chelyabinsk, but we kept in touch with each other and recently we worked together again on a new documentary series that he is producing. He’s a young though mature guy with a plan. If Russia had a million more like him, nothing could stop them from out producing the world in the realm of smarts.

He worked at the Sochi Olympics this past winter and that is the main subject of our interview. I enjoyed his story because he saw a side of the Olympics that others, including other volunteers don’t get to see.

I need to explain something to my non-Russian listeners. At the Sochi Olympics he was a volunteer, but working under the umbrella of Russian Railroads. Russian Railroad is a huge conglomerate in Russia and the head of Russian Railways, Yukunin, is an extremely powerful figure here, certainly one of the top five power people in the country and he definitely has the President’s ear.

Well anyhow, let’s listen to what Veniamin has to say about his Sochi experience.






Well, that interview seemed to end rather abruptly, but it actually didn’t. The original interview went on for about another 15 minutes, but on different topics. You can hear it in episode # 104 of the Mark in Russia Broadcast.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of the podcast and come spend time with me again next time on the Mark in Russia podcast, until that time, this is Mark saying, “GoodBye!”.




During the past couple of months I’ve been working on several different projects, of which some will become podcasts, but there are events happening right now in America that the rest of the world needs to be aware of and you won’t read about it on U.S. government media outlets such as CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, The Washington Post or the New York Times.
Back when the current POS president of the US, Barack Hussein Obama was first elected I told those around me that the man hated America and his goal was to basically destroy the country as it existed at that time. Of course I sounded like a nut to those close to me, but now looking back, not so much anymore.
The country is now actually undergoing an invasion by human filth and vermin sneaking in illegally across our southern border. The thing is that they are not even sneaking, they are openly entering and bringing all of their 3rd world diseases and gangs with them. Obama the scum and those who surround him have orchestrated all of this are certainly not doing anything to stop it, but rather are encouraging it. As a result, the country is unraveling very quickly, more quickly than I ever would have believed possible.
I’ll speak about what is happening over the past several episodes, but for today I’d like to have you listen to a warning about immigration by a man who only realized too late, after his state was already in the process of being controlled by an uneducated population that could hardly, if at all speak English.

Governor Richard Lamb, a democrat whom I disagreed with on many issues was right on target in 2004 on the issue of immigration when he gave a scary and prophetic speech during a conference in Washington D.C., I’d like to read his speech for you and let’s think about this as a foundation for the series I’m launching at this time.

Governor Richard Lamb’s Speech
In a matter of days I’ll post the next episode of this series. This is actually very hard because of the fact that Obama is using the Marxist playbook concerning smashing the American people with so many scandals at one time that they can hardly process them. Things are changing so quickly and going downhill so fast that if I don’t post an episode within a day of researching it, the episode becomes dated and outdated right away.
I’ll try to keep on topic in order for people to follow things. In the meantime, the best sources for what is happening are the Breitbart website, the brainchild of the late Andrew Breitbart. They have been at the forefront of this invasion and where the first to report exactly what is happening to the rest of the world. Even the mainstream media is starting to cover a little bit because they can no longer completely ignore things. It would be far too obvious. You can find them at another great source is the busiest news site in the world, the drudge report at and finally, the talk radio host Mark Levin is doing a fantastic job at letting people know what is going on along with the background necessary to understand they “why”. You can listen to Mark 5 days a week on the radio or download his podcast free of charge at
Until next time this is Mark in Russia saying, “GoodBye!”

U.S. Embassy Madrid Flies the Homo Flag

U.S. Embassy Madrid Flies the Homo Flag




You’re listening to the Mark in Russia Broadcast, episode # 104 and I’m Mark.

Well, today will be the elections in Ukraine. Actually by the time anyone hears this broadcast the election will be history. The world is experiencing great turmoil right now and Ukraine is only one of many different hotspots. As the world continues a downward spiral and the US government, with the consent of its people gives the levers of power in the world to others, as reported by my friends at Breitbart, “The Obama administration seems to have forgotten the International Day of the Family last week that was celebrated at the UN and around the world May 15.
Yet the administration was very enthusiastic about the May 17th celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, issuing proclamations by the Secretary of Defense and a statement by the President. Moreover, at least one ambassador flew the rainbow flag over his embassy.
Spanish papers reported that the rainbow flag flew over the U.S. Embassy in Madrid for at least one day last week and that former Home Box Office executive, now openly gay U.S. Ambassador James Costos flew the rainbow flag over his official residence.”
Our esteemed Secretary of State, John Kerry, who in years past testified in a congressional hearing all about different attrosities being committed by our soldiers in vietnam, all of which were later shown to be lies, yes, the traitor John Kerry fits in well with the current Marxist administration. Quoting again from Breitbart,
Kerry went on to signal that the administration is willing to pressure private companies and religious groups:
This past week, we convened religious leaders and representatives of faith-based organizations to think about how we work together to promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons. Next week, we will convene meetings with our private sector allies to discuss the important role of the business community in promoting equality and the ways we can partner through the Global Equality Fund.
While the administration was practically shouting about gay rights, it seemed to be completely silent on the family.
The UN celebrated the International Day of the Family, this year being the 20th anniversary of its establishment.
Breitbart News could not find a single statement this year from the administration even recognizing the day. A call to the State Department press office turned up no statements either.

Yeah America, you feel so strongly about this that you actually elected not once, but twice, a Marxist who made no secret of his plans to fundamentally change America. A land where there are 330 million guns in private hands yet you let these Marxists run right over you. You are now seen as just a useless bunch of pussies throughout the world. Deservedly.
Of course the worst president in the history of the U.S., Barack Hussian Obama, has spread some sanctions over Russia due to their perceived bad behavior during this time that their southern neighbor is disintegrating into anarchy. At this point the sanctions target the top people who immediately surround Putin, kind of a warning shot across his bow to say, “We know about your stolen billions also and we know where it is”
At an earlier period in time with any president preceding the Marxist jackwad who currently inhabits the White House, these sanction would have had some impact. Putin gets a bit frustrated when figurative flashlights shine on his billions of dollars, his stash. It would be an uncomfortable question which asked where this came from. But, the U.S. president has done more to damage the reputation of the U.S. throughout the world and now nobody is scared of anything to do with him.
His State Department has resorted to using Twitter hashtags thinking somehow that this will work against Putin. I guess that this is also where Barry’s well fed wife, the queen, got the idea of wearing a phony “I’m sad” type of face while holding a piece of paper with the Twitter hashtag of “#BringBackOurGirls” She’s a loser who was immediately followed by female Hollywood type losers holding up the same hashtag. As these 300 or so Christian African girls get raped, sexually mutilated and sold into slavery by the Muslim scum group, Boka Harem, the Twitter campaign appears not to have worked.
My man was Ronald Reagan and nobody screwed with that man. If you did he would kill you and if he missed he would kill your family. Just ask Ghadaffi, well, actually he’s dead now.
OK, enough diversion, back to sanctions. What sanctions have managed to accomplish and what stronger sanctions will only speed up is the forming of a new world order. Already in these few weeks since the sanctions started, Russia has signed a major major trade deal and is also getting ready to conduct joint military excersises. The trade deal in part covered 30 years worth of gas at 400 billion dollars. This will actually divert some of the gas currently sold to Europe and steer it toward China. So, you Eurotrash out there, it looks like you’ll be wishing that global warning was real as you freeze your butts off in future winters. Perhaps you freaks can cuddle up to your bearded freak of a Eurovision winner and keep warm next winter. Fags.
Anyhow, I’ve conducted a few on the street type interviews concerning the U.S. sanctions against Russia and you should bear in mind that these people were formerly very much pro American, now not so much.

Clips for Sanctions

One of the best things about America is that it is not Europe. The current occupant of the White House would like to make it like Europe, but as of this writing it isn’t.
Shortly after arriving in Russia I learned about the yearly music contest, Eurovision. After seeing this (partially) I was even prouder to be an American. When it comes to entertainment, the USA was still light years ahead of the rest of the world.
Anyhow, how to describe this fag fest to anyone who hasn’t watched it before? Think of the crappiest pop music available, combine this with ultra cheesy effects, kind of an MTV for losers and then throw in a huge measure of politics and you now have the Eurovision awards.
When I would hear somebody here speak of the Eurovision Awards, I felt like I would have to take several steps down the evolutionary ladder in order to get involved with that conversation. Instead I chose not to.
Well, this year’s Eurovision contest just took place and the Europeans were able to display for the whole world what a bunch of twisted closed minded Sodomites they really are, as if we didn’t already know. The Russian entry to the competition was a set of 17 year old twin girls called the Tolmachevy sisters. They had previously won the 1995 junior Eurovision competition. Here’s the thing though, as the girls finished their song in the competition, there were very audible boos heard from the audience, almost drowning out the clapping. This wasn’t at all due to the performance, which was flawless, so I’m told, but because of the Russian involvement in Ukraine and the stance of the Russian government on Homosexual rights, and no, I won’t use the left’s vocabulary for this. Numerous groups of people in the audience waving the new Western Flag, the rainbow flag of homos. Never in my life could I have imagined that A) it would be Russia taking a stand for Christianity in the Western world against all other western countries and B) that the west has degenerated so rapidly and completely that homosexuality and the complete embrace of this lifestyle would become the litmus test of whether or not a country was good or bad. Even affecting the US foreign policy. Think about what we are talking about here folks, imagine the act and the unnaturalness of it. This is what the west has clung to as its defining issue? I fear that God will allow some other countries to destroy the US and Europe as payback and I’m not a scared PC person who is afraid to state this.
Ok, enough of my rant, let’s listen to a few “man on the street” interviews as some regular Russians describe their reaction to the world booing their young girl entries.

Play Eurovision Twins clips

Finally, the winner of this twisted competition was, well, I’m not really sure what it was but it looked like a girl, was dressed like a girl, but had a beard. I guess that this is really an image of the “New European”. To think that millions of Americans fought and hundreds of thousands died to protect your sorry ass countries during two World Wars is really a shame. If the soldiers that died could only see the end result of what they were saving, I’m sure they would have packed it up and gone home. Although it pains me to see my country flush itself down the toilet, to see the Eurotrash do the same actually makes me gleeful. The ancestors of Americans left your wretched shores because they felt you people weren’t worth the time of day. They formed a country much more powerful than the sum of Europe and saved your sorry asses twice over the past 100 years.
For an entire continent that doesn’t have even one worthwhile army, with the exception of the UK, who I, and most in the UK do not consider to be part of the EU mess, you take a huge risk as the USA is destroying itself and imploding to poke a stick in the eye of Russia or even China for that matter and expect that either will just act “civilized” and take care of all problems in a nonviolent manner.
Anyhow, let’s listen to our interviews to hear what common Russians think of the winner of the contest.

Play Eurovision winner clips

Well, it’s time to close this up now. In a time in history when hoards of violent Muslim scum are killing and torturing Christians worldwide it would make more sense for the US, which was formed as a Christian nation to team up with Russia, also a Christian nation and use both of their formidable powers to go after and crush these sub-human Muslim groups, wherever they are. This is going to have to happen at some time anyhow, why not now? As a nation America needs to look to the founding fathers and the Bible for guidance, not Sodomites and Marxists.
Thanks for listening till the end of this broadcast, until next time this is Mark in Russia saying, GoodBye


You’re listening to episode # 103 of the Mark in Russia Broadcast, and I’m Mark………………………


The very first podcasts I produced more than 100 episodes ago were part of a series called “ Pet Peeves #………………” I used this series to illustrate some annoying common mistakes made by Russians learning English and how to correct them.

Today’s episode will also spotlight a pet peeve of mine. In the past 6 years I’ve had the opportunity to listen to thousands of hours of radio and podcasts about a whole cornucopia of topics, pretty much whatever tickled my fancy at the time. I listen to both male and female voices and have picked up on some patterns, almost exclusively with females.

Although I absolutely despise listening to any liberal speaking politics, and won’t, if a lib has a radio show or podcast on anything other than politics I’ll certainly listen to it if it is good. In order to break my findings down even further, the most annoying speech patterns belong to liberal statist women. Conservative women speakers typically sound more natural, less automaton and how shall I put this?………………………….. More like a woman.

I’ll be playing some sound samples today to illustrate what I’m speaking about and I don’t want to give the impression that I’m making fun of the individual or the program that they are narrating, I’m not. Some of these annoying speech patterns are attached to people who are interesting and present good material. If they would only lose the annoying habits, they could be the complete package.

First let’s listen to a sample of “upspeak”. This is where there is a rise in tone at the end of a sentence, but not when posing a question, which would be a normal and a correct time for this rise in tone. But no, I’m just speaking about simple statements.


Well, let’s listen to one now


Yeah, you heard that rising tone on the word “memory”, which was a statement and not a question. Here’s another:


Here we have a business speech expert give her two cents worth:


Our expert gives an example and then goes on to explain that this pattern of speech will typically keep you from obtaining a high position within a company and can be a disaster for your career.

I’ll go into things in more depth but let’s first listen to a little comedy routine between Julia Louise Dryfuss and Jimmy Kimmel.



Since the 1990s with the advent of Valley Girl speak and its subsequent mockery in pop-culture this “upspeak” trend had continued. The New York Times claims that, “Whether it be uptalk (pronouncing statements as if they were questions? Like this?), or the incessant use of “like” as a conversation filler, vocal trends associated with young women are often seen as markers of immaturity or even stupidity.


But linguists — many of whom once promoted theories consistent with that attitude — now say such thinking is outmoded. Girls and women in their teens and 20s deserve credit for pioneering vocal trends and popular slang, they say, adding that young women use these embellishments in much more sophisticated ways than people tend to realize.

“A lot of these really flamboyant things you hear are cute, and girls are supposed to be cute,” said Penny Eckert, a professor of linguistics at Stanford University. “But they’re not just using them because they’re girls. They’re using them to achieve some kind of interactional and stylistic end.”


Well, let me take that New York Times statement apart. First of all, this is all that could be expected from the Times which is a liberal rag sheet and deifies anything and all about women and girls. This gets a bit old and stale. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the New York Times like all liberal newspapers is shrinking at a super fast rate and will be extinct in a few short years. Thank God.

Yes, women speaking like a bunch of air-headed, silly, retarded morons is “trendsetting” in the eyes of the Times, but in the eyes ( or better to say ears) of those of us forced to listen to this, it sounds immature and indicates a severe lack of self confidence. If this is the image that these girls want to project, then they are doing a bang up job of it. It clearly shows the unoriginal trajectory of young Americans these days. Follow the example of some pop-culture star and all sound ridiculous.

Living outside of the States I hear so many returning visitors commenting on how uneducated people in America are becoming, and this is based in a large part to the sounds of our communication. In a few short years we’ve gone from a nation to be imitated to a nation to be laughed at and mocked. So yeah, I’m pissed at the airheaded ditzes who have spread the sounds of ignorance.

I’m especially amazed at the way that this messed up way of speaking has even spread to TV hosts and especially radio. It’s as if women who want to get into radio or audio media try to incorporate these screwed up styles as part of their own. When you sound like an immature airhead with no confidence, your message or material is already discounted because of this. Talk about a glass ceiling? Ladies, you’ve installed this one yourself.

Some time back I decided that I would not longer allow the liberal word police to dictate to me anymore about Politically Correct speech and I would no longer practice the Facist requirement of self-censorship.

With this newly acquired freedom to be normal, I’d like to say that when a guy does this “upspeak” stuff, he sounds only like a pussified demanned fag. Why do young men, and some not so    young men allow society to teach them that acting like a guy is being a “bully” and we should all act like pussified chicks? I’d much rather die as a man than live like a chick.

Let’s listen to an example of this.


So WTF, does this guy not even know his name, age and school? Well, that is how it sounds to English speakers who aren’t pussified.

Very often the so called men that upspeak are the fathers of teenage girls. So, now we learn how to speak from our children? To these guys I have to say that you are a pathetic excuse for a man and not so hot in terms of teaching your kids.

So, the liberal facist word police have first succeeded in demanding to dictate what we can or can’t say and now how we say it. Most Americans don’t notice it so much because they are willing accomplices in this shift and they don’t see it happen. I only travel to the States about one a year and the shift becomes very apparent and prominent each time I’m there.


OK, let’s shift now from this effeminate immature “upspeak” trend to something else known as “vocal fry”. What is vocal fry? Let’s listen to an exaggerated example of vocal fry.


Yeak, OK. That was a bit exaggerated, but necessary to tune your ears for my other examples.


Again, it is primarily young women who now use this extremely annoying speech pattern. In fact a study done in 2012 on females between 25 and 34 years of age showed that fully 2/3 of the group used this vocal fry, typically at the end of their sentences. Prior to a decade ago, if you heard a person speaking in this manner it indicated serious vocal cord problems. So, why the hell do these females do this? Well, there are different theories, one being that they feel that their voices are too high and won’t be taken serious enough, so by doing this “growling” thing at the end of their sentence they believed that it will give them more credibility. Another theory is that because some of the pop idols of this class of young females do this regularly such as Kim Kardashien and some singer named Kesha.

In any case, it sounds like crap and to the women in broadcasting that do this, it makes you appear to be the little girl who is trying to seem all grown-up by wearing her dad’s shirts. It doesn’t work.


Here are a few more clips giving you more examples:



Asphalt Wommmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbb


Pop culture

Break down

This young lady may actually be telling a good intriguing story, but many of us will never know because we are just put off by her pretentiousness.

Here’s a women broadcaster speaking normal:


I can listen to that and even get interested in the story.

How about some vocal fry and upspeak?

The next example sounds like about an 8 year old girl trying to sound serious with her miniature roar.


In all of the above examples I really mean no harm to the women who were speaking. Their material may have been great even, but they should know that they sound ridiculous and trying to change their voice is not having a positive effect or outlook.

The next couple of examples are from a so-called woman who I truly dislike. Her name is Sandra Fluke and she is an Obama operative. Her voice, but more importantly her attitude makes me envision scenes where I finally silence her and resolve my headache with the swinging of a shovel. Not a pretty sight or thought, but no great loss.


Yeah, I’m already seeing that shovel


Now swinging that shovel


Now silence.

The next clip will be a normal one. The woman speaks in such a way that we understand she’s a female and apparently not transgendering as the vocal fry folks sound. No upspeak and because of this she sounds both interesting and confident.


Now, what’s wrong with that?


Six years ago after meeting with and being interviewed by a well known U.S. reporter who was visiting the city where I live in Russia I remembered that this reporter pieced together very interesting stories and as a result of hearing her, I got bit by the radio bug myself.

Here’s Annie:


Had Annie used upspeak or vocal fry, would the radio bug have bit me? Hell, I don’t know, but I do know I enjoyed her stories, which I’m less likely to do if a woman uses these terrible speech patterns. So I thank Annie and the fact that she was born in a more serious and less shallow time and for the fact that I now spend half of my income on an ever expanding microphone collection. Thanks Ann!


Actually, although I keep saying that I’ll play one last clip, this one will really be the final one.

I may not be fond of these newer female mostly speech patterns, they still sound on their worst day, 100 times better than a democrat politician. Thank you Mark Levin for the following sputtering Democrat fool montage.



Thanks for listening to today’s broadcast. I hope you found it interesting enough to come back again next time. Until then, GoodBye!