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Where is the hand over your heart, scum?

I grew up during a great time in history, there were a few drawbacks of course such as knowing that your enemy had thousands of nuclear weapons aimed at you and wanted you dead, but at least you understood who your enemy was and your enemy also did not want to die. No, it was great for a lot of other reasons. I’m happy and proud to say that I had never heard the words, hijab, burka, jihad and so many others that have now become part of our vernacular.

I’m actually pissed off that I know what these words mean. Although when I was young I might see some “veil” covered woman in a cartoon featuring a man on a flying carpet, or some blockbuster movie based in the Middle East. Even then it would picture some Arab woman, with a sheer type veil just covering the lower part of her face, not these disgusting black or grey things that these so-called females cover themselves with. Continue reading


MiR 116 – America, from Land of the Brave to Home of the Depraved


Hi, you’re listening to the Mark in Russia broadcast, episode # 116 and I’m Mark


This podcast topic is going to have to be a multi-part episode. I’ve wanted to write about this for awhile, but the crap has been happening so quickly and at such a volume, that it never seems like a good time Continue reading




Donald Trump is a born again republican and by this I mean that in the past he has been a supporter of many anti-republican positions including the biggies like Continue reading

German Girl


Hi, this is Mark and you’re listening to episode #114 of the Mark in Russia broadcast.



It’s been a long time since my last episode. I’ve been really involved with making 38 video/audio files for an English course that I’m teaching and this has been eating up my microphone time, but things are slipping so quickly now. The hill that the crap is flowing downhill on is becoming steeper and steeper with each passing day.

Today I’m going to report on and editorialize on the present and increasing Muslim invasion of Europe Continue reading


You’re listening to episode # 113 of the Mark in Russia broadcast and I’m Mark.


For someone such as myself who loves to rant and rave about American politics, Obama’s method of destruction of the American way of life and the speed at which the American people let him get away with this does not lend itself to speaking on one topic before a new crisis Continue reading