MiR 029 Interview with Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director of Hindenburg Systems (Part 2 of 2)

November 9, 2011

Welcome to part 2 of 2 of the Mark in Russia interview with Nick Dunkerley of Hindenburg Systems and co-creator of the audio editor, Hindenburg Journalist. This is a program designed for journalists, by journalists and the simplicity of use masks the fact that a great deal of power and flexibility lie under its hood.
In todayâEURTMs part of the interview Nick discusses the use of audio in education, the future of the audio medium and enhanced podcasts. The facts which must be reconciled concerning who the real competitors with private podcasters are and what can be done to ensure their survival (âEURoetheirâEUR being private podcasters). He also explains the policies of Hindenburg regarding updates, upgrades, documentation and training.
Any and all podcasters should follow some of the links listed below. These are links which take you to our competitors and also showing some of the future technologies all ready starting to enter our lives. I know that I can certainly learn a lot about editing and production by listening to many of these podcasts.
Some links to subject which we discussed:
âEURoeUber AudioâEUR with the popcorn.js HTML5 open source player: http://hyper-audio.org/r/ (this will bring you to an amazing demonstration showing the capabilities of this new open-source HTML5 audio player.)
Transom.org, A showcase and workshop for new Public Radio: http://www.transom.org You really need to check out their podcasts, as a minimum for the ways in which they are produced.
Radio Lab. You need to watch these guys because they are the new style of podcasts that you will be competing against. Besides, they are really good: http://www.radiolab.org
Hindenburg Systems: http://www.hindenburgsystems.com
Nick DunkerleyâEURTMs email address: info@hindenburgsystems.com

I hope to bring you more interviews and information from this great new company and itâEURTMs nice that at least one audio company has journalists and podcasters especially in mind.

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One comment on “MiR 029 Interview with Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director of Hindenburg Systems (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Hi Mark

    Yes, I agree with you Hindenburg is a great piece of software which I’ve been using for coming up to a year now. My life is a whole bunch easier because of it, especially when I have to perform a lot of small edits due to untrained people attempting to express them selves. You know, all the ums and arrrs as well as multiple long pauses. I find Hindenburg brilliantly fast for these tasks.

    Now that Skype recorder is part of the pro version there is even more reasons for people to consider it if they do a lot of skype chats. I don’t so Journalist will be just fine for me.

    Thanks for the episodes.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see how Popcorn will develop into the future.

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