MiR 028 Interview With Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director of Hindenburg Systems (Part 1 of 2)

November 1, 2011

Nick Dunkerley is one of the founders of the company that makes my favorite audio program and what also promises to be a real game changer in the way in which journalists and podcasters will be creating their stories in the future.

In addition to Nick speaking about Hindenburg Journalist, we are also fortunate to hear Nick’s thought concerning the future of radio and podcasting, in addition to the coming impact concerning the use of audio media file. Nick is both entertaining and knowledgeable and I think that you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Go to the Hindenburg Systems website to learn more and also feel free to email Nick directly with any questions. info@hindenburgsystems.com

I’ll be posting part 2 of 2 of the interview next week, so come back soon and come back often.

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2 comments on “MiR 028 Interview With Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director of Hindenburg Systems (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Enjoyed Part 1 and as someone who offers professional podcast services on ProTools, I’m VERY interested in testing this product, especially when it offers Skype recording. My suggestion for the show host. Since podcasts are on-demand and the content can be evergreen (this episode is a perfect example), you may want to consider including a date or episode number so that I know where I am in your cue. Not sure if you published part 2 yet, but can’t wait to hear more about this product.

    • Hi Fred,

      The rest of the interview is now published and available here: http://markinrussia.com/?p=957

      As strange as it seems to me, the episode you watched was the only podcast of mine without a number. I guess I just forgot to put it there, but excellent advice nonetheless.

      P.S. Don’t use the quality of my editing on the episodes as indicative of what the program can do; I’m not a pro and just recently started using the program and learning how to edit.
      You should check out the free trial, but also watch the training videos and read the PDF documentation. This program is really clean and uncluttered and most of the functions are not visible, thus the need to read up on it.

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