MiR 018 From Baltimore to New York

September 24, 2011

In this installment, Mark travels from Baltimore to New York by train and explains how the trip to Baltimore will benefit our Work & Travel students, while at the same time speaking a bit about travel in the eastern part of the US. We do everything possible to assure that our students will have a great summer, and while some business can be conducted by email and phone, face to face meetings can build a stronger and more trusting working relationship, which in the end benefits our students.

The Washington DC/Baltimore area is a great area to spend your summer in and is a favorite of our students. The purpose of our trip here was to assure that more of our students can spend their summer here.

The transportation corridor between Boston and Washington DC includes New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore, This is the busiest transport area in the US, but also the best served, including high speed trains.

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