MiR 008 The Truth About Valentines Day

June 8, 2011



Teaching English through stories. In this video we explore the truth about Valentines Day. How secretly all men hate this holiday. This video is guaranteed to piss off the ladies, but sometimes the truth hurts. Any man will see himself in this video.

This is definitely not a traditional approach to teaching about American holidays, but it’s a story which begs telling. Although I will probably lose any female readers I have, I do need to show the true holiday as opposed to the common perception of this holiday as taught in language schools. Truth be told, the holiday was hijacked at some time before my birth and is now in fact Womens Day in America, which men wouldn’t have a problem with it there was a Mens Day, which there isn’t. Please don’t argue that there is Fathers Day, because there is also a Mothers Day, both rather sacred holidays in my mind, but presented equally. No, Valentines Day is a holiday shoved down men’s throats by Hallmark Cards and the American Florist Association.


I have no apologies for presenting this story in it’s real light.


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