MiR 117 – I Wish I Never Knew You Existed

August 21, 2016

Where is the hand over your heart, scum?

I grew up during a great time in history, there were a few drawbacks of course such as knowing that your enemy had thousands of nuclear weapons aimed at you and wanted you dead, but at least you understood who your enemy was and your enemy also did not want to die. No, it was great for a lot of other reasons. I’m happy and proud to say that I had never heard the words, hijab, burka, jihad and so many others that have now become part of our vernacular.

I’m actually pissed off that I know what these words mean. Although when I was young I might see some “veil” covered woman in a cartoon featuring a man on a flying carpet, or some blockbuster movie based in the Middle East. Even then it would picture some Arab woman, with a sheer type veil just covering the lower part of her face, not these disgusting black or grey things that these so-called females cover themselves with. Then we have the liberal men hating women deciding to have a “World Hijab Day” in order to show “solidarity” and show how empowering the hijab is. Huh, that’s funny, I guess I just haven’t learned how empowered muslim women are, I’ve actually heard the opposite. Maybe I’m just ignorant on the subject. When does a girl start wearing one of these very flattering accessories? Is it right after they get their female parts cut off with an old razor blade? What’s that called again? Oh yeah, female genital mutilation or FGM for short.  Is this the empowering part? By the way, who does the slicing off of the female parts, is it the empowered mother, or the empowered grandmother, or just some old nasty crone from the neighborhood? Perhaps they start wearing it when their parents have arranged to marry them off to some old man when they are about 6 to 12 years old?

I guess that I need to issue a disclaimer here before being accused as a “hater”. I work with and know plenty of decent, and in my opinion, normal muslims. They typically dress like the non-muslims and don’t do things to draw attention to their selves due to their religion. You know, like most of us also. My beef isn’t with just normal muslims or even with ones all burkaed out in their own country. My beef is with these that move to other countries, quite often with no skills and nothing to offer and then expect the people in the new country to just accept their failed culture that they came from and not just tolerate and accept it, but actually celebrate it.

As I said; I may be ignorant about the culture and actually, I wish that I was totally ignorant about it, as in never having been exposed to this culture. The men apparently don’t find these outfits very attractive, after all, most of us have heard the muslim men’s say about how they view their sex lives, “Women are for procreation, goats are for fun, but young boys are for pleasure”. Yeah, that’s another little diddy that I never heard when I was younger. Such an impressive ideology!

And ideology is absolutely the correct word to use. If you hate, as I do, the very mention, much less concept of Sharia law (yeah, another newer word to the West) you are called a racist. Huh, is there such a thing as the Islamist race? No there isn’t, it is an ideology.

Well, you might be asking yourself, “what Islamic provocation flew up Mark’s butt this week?” Thanks for asking, I’ll tell you now what has fired me up.

The media in the US for the past week or so has been breathlessly excited over the first hijab wearing black muslim female to compete on the US Olympic team. Wow! Black, female and Muslim! We can really check off all of the boxes with her. Well, actually, if she was also LGBT, she would have been the complete package, but then of course there would be internal conflict with her as one part of her tried to kill the other part of her. Why, they were so excited that CNN wrote an open letter to Micheal Phelps asking him to let her carry the American flag during the opening ceremony, rather than himself because, well, he is just too white, Christian and, well you know, boring. Never mind the fact that he has won more gold medals than anyone else in Olympic history, 24, or the fact that he participated in four Olympics before this one and never had the honor before of being the flag carrier or even in afterthought that he happened to win 6 gold medals this time in Rio. No, it was just time that we had a Black Woman Muslim carry the flag. Forget the fact that she was a loser in these Olympics, getting eliminated quite early. You know, eight years ago it was just “time” to elect a black US President, regardless of the fact that he hated America and practiced Socialism and this time we’re told it’s time for the first woman President, regardless of the fact that she’s a lying scheming criminal responsible for the deaths of many. You, know, it’s just “time”.

Well, a podcast is an audio experience and not really visual. You can go to my website, markinrussia.com and see pictures, but here I’ll just try to describe this woman who is just as American as apple pie. Now, when I say this I’m not totally joking. She was born in America and so were her parents The parents converted to Islam and then went the full monty as in dressing like arabs, changing their name, you know, full in your face muslims.

One photo shows her next to a teammate during a time when the American National Anthem is playing. Her teammate has her hand over her heart like any other real American, but our black woman muslim hero has her hands at her side. Now, why should she be carrying the flag? But that’s not all. A quick check into her social pages will actually show that she is a racist, hating jews and also is a hater of America. Yeah, let the bitch carry the flag. CNN, you suck.

Here’s a little gem from her Instagram account:

Muhammad ( parenthetical note: Did I mention that her name is Muhammad? Yeah, what a shock)  posted a picture of another Muslim woman, Leila Khaled, who made history as the first female Muslim hijacker of an airplane, with the terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Khaled held a gun and smiled in the old picture, and next to it Muhammad wrote in a caption: “Me with a gun.”

Ibtihaj Muhammad’s Twitter page carried a series of nasty headlines against Israel, and “Free Palestine” hashtags, including “Israel accused of war crimes by UK Parliament,” “Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state,” and “Israel Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid, Says UN Rapporteur.”

“I was just asked to remove my hijab at SXSW Registration for my ID badge.. I can’t make this stuff up #SXSW2016”  By the way, this was not true, but truth is the first casualty when you have a revolution happening.

Here’s another,

“Islam’s history in the United States begins with black history” Actually another lie. Islams history in America involved the American Navy destroying and defeating the Barbary pirates shortly after the American Revolution.

Still another,

“If you’re uncomfortable traveling on a plane with a #Muslim, then you’re the one who needs to get off the plane. Stop your bigoted paranoia”  Huh, I’ll bet that there were a whole lot of people on the three airplanes piloted by her heros on 9/11 who wished they had known about that option.


“Angry, armed and white: The typical profile of America’s most violent extremists” Wow, news to me. Seems to me that they are muslim and named Muhammad.

“The UN just issued a scathing critique of the US justice system #BlackLivesMatter”

Spoken like a true patriot you scumbag POS

Anyhow, you get the idea, the tweets, etc. go on and on and are not indicative of someone who loves America and should have the honor of carrying the flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

I could go on and on about this very special person and about the powerful minority of voices in America that hate everything about the country.

There is a reason why when you look all over the world at the world’s most advanced and enlightened countries that these are all White founded countries based on Christian/Judiasm principles and yeah, I’ll go there. I’m not a white supremist, but being a white man from a Western country, I would never trade places with anyone else.

In America, Obama and his ilk have been largely successful in pitting one group of people against another. This was learned from Marx via Alinsky.


You know, I’ve never been a Trump lover, but have always been a Hillary extreme hater. I, like about 60% of other Americans would like to see the end to political correctness, a wall on the Southern US border and a halt to Muslim immigration from counties with a history of radical Islam, at least until we can figure out who is coming in.

I dream of the day, which will never happen I think, that I will have to travel to the Middle East if I have a hankering to see a hijab or a burka.

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