MiR 116 Land of the Free and Home of the Depraved

April 24, 2016


MiR 116 – America, from Land of the Brave to Home of the Depraved


Hi, you’re listening to the Mark in Russia broadcast, episode # 116 and I’m Mark


This podcast topic is going to have to be a multi-part episode. I’ve wanted to write about this for awhile, but the crap has been happening so quickly and at such a volume, that it never seems like a good time to start. Because of this I’m going to break it up into smaller chunks and this will also allow me to add to it later if I wish.

I don’t even know how to start, so if things seem disorganized or disjointed it’s because the issue is also this way.

Leftists/progressives hate the traditional institutions of society such as religion (except of course for the religion of global warning), family, marriage, male female roles, etc. and have been working overtime to dismantle and destroy each of these. But today I’m just going to discuss what they have done in terms of gender, previously known as a two choice option, male/female, but now more than 60 choices.

This podcast is not an attack on individuals who fall into the new boxes of LGBTQ etc etc. If folks leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone, but the groups that use these individuals and supposedly represent them, I would literally battle them to their death and then go each a sandwich, so little loss or regret I would feel.

In the past year America, as it is accustomed to do, has gone completely crazy. The latest issue is transgenderism. Just by way of definition this is when a man decides to become a woman or a woman wants to become a man. This is over simplification of course, since the freaky leftists have come up with more than 50 “shades” concerning gender. In fact, they have come up with almost an entire new language to describe these F ing freaks. Seriously, and the sad thing is that now most Americans have bothered to take the time to learn this new language with its accompanying vocabulary. I’m not going to get into it here.

So, you would think that someone who is transgendered, if they were originally a man, would now have their junk sliced off with a sharp knife, emptied of its meat, turned inside out and inserted into their body cavity as a new female body part. Sorry to be graphic, but let’s put flesh and blood on this issue. If a woman, I don’t know exactly what they do; perhaps trade organs with men going through the procedure. But here’s the thing; most of these, if men, are dressed as woman, behave like women and demand under penalty of law to be addressed as a woman, but they still have a male organ hanging between their legs. It’s estimated that these freaks make up .05 % of the population, but in the f’ed up land of political correctness called America, they are suing and winning to be able to use whatever bathroom or locker room that they identify with in terms of gender. Yeah, get used to the screwy language of the new America, you see, is isn’t what gender you were born as, or as these freaks say, “what gender you were assigned”, no it’s what gender you claim to be. So, if you woke up this morning as a man, but identified as a girl, you can legally go and use the women’s showers, locker rooms or bathrooms and there is nothing anybody can do about this. This is the new America. A few states have passed laws not allowing this and such wonderful companies as PayPal and others, along with singers like assturd Bruce Springstein or Brian Adams have cancelled concerts in these states because of them not allowing perverts to openly follow your wife, girlfriend or daughter into the bathroom, with their perverted junk hanging between their legs.

But, for now I’d like to start with very young people and what is happening. It’s a fact that just because two people have the capability to have a child, doesn’t mean that they should. Two severely retarded people are also capable, but the outcome is not recommended either.

Many liberal progressive adults are severely f’ed up and all of life is nothing but a cause. They also want to be the center of attention in their demented life. Here’s what is occurring all over America at this time. These mindless progressives have a child. At some point, maybe when the child is 3 or 4 years old, they might say something innocent like that they would like to be a girl (if they are a boy) or they would like to be a boy (if a girl). Perhaps it’s a boy who plays with dolls, or a girl who plays with toy trucks. This is innocent and normal parents would usually just ignore it. But not these days. The parents see a way of living in the limelight vicariously through their children and decide that their child is really transgendering. The first day after the weekend when they bring this kid back to daycare or wherever, they inform the teacher that little Jack is now Jackie, or vice versa and should be only addressed by the pronouns that go with the new gender. All of the other children must also go along with this and other teachers or employees. Failure to do so will result in the other children being kicked out of daycare and if it’s an employee who fails to do this, they will lose their job. Do you think that I’m joking? Do you think I’m exaggerating this? I’m not and if you read this on my website you’ll see plenty of links taking you to my sources.

Well, this is bad enough, but the parents have also visited the childs doctor and the doctor has already started injecting them with hormones that will prevent puberty. This is so they can slice off or sew on their new sex organs when they are a young teenager without as many risks.

Normally if a child has some gender confusion they will get over this rather quickly, but here, the f’d up parents have commited them to a course of action and rather than try to actually be a parent and help their child, they create a myth and do what they can to fulfill it. Parents like this ought to be shot, but first have their sex organs either sliced off or reamed out of existence and the child should be placed in foster care. Even if the child were to be raised by apes they would have a better shot at life.

I’m a podcaster, obviously and the podcaster community is not huge so I know of many other podcasters. There is one, which I’ll link to on the site that has done this very thing to their son (I won’t play the progressive game and call it by its new so-called gender) In any case, this woman, if it really is a woman documents the whole process and the transitioning of her kid. Really, these are the type of podcasts that win awards on places like NPR, or other bastions of screwed up liberal progressives. They eat this podcast up; the so-called mother basks in the glory of having such a “special” child. I feel for the child actually. Trangendered people have a suicide rate 20 times higher than the general population, even in such f’d up perverted places like Sweden. These people are not to be hated; they need help, psychiatric help. This so called Gender Dystopia is not a physical malady, but rather a mental one. Even the American society of Pediatrics is calling these types of parents and the doctors who treat then with hormones, child abusers.

Well, I’ve only just scratched the surface, but at least actually got to the topic of Transgendered. I’ll continue this in future episodes and although it sounds too weird to actually be true, it is actually true and you should know about this. It’s an opportunity to watch a country, actually a whole culture, unhinge itself from reality and implode.


Oh, by the way. All of you Trump fans, your man is transitioning right in front of your eyes. Just yesterday he said on TV that he agrees that a man should absolutely be allowed to use a womens room or womens locker room if they feel like a woman that day. He would welcome this behavior at his Trump Towers. So Trump idiots who feel he can do no wrong. Are you also now willing to be a pervert leftist and agree with him, or will you, as always, find some reason why he had to say this?  You all have battered womens syndrome. His spokeman also just told the Rino establishment members in a secret meeting, which fortunately someone did tape, that he has been putting on a big act during his events and TV appearances and that they will be happy to see how he is now transitioning to be just like the Rinos. He despises all of you, will never build a wall, but you have been suckered in by him. Yup, battered womans syndrome for sure.


Well, until next time, this is Mark saying, GOODBYE!.


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