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April 14, 2016




Donald Trump is a born again republican and by this I mean that in the past he has been a supporter of many anti-republican positions including the biggies like abortion and gay marriage. He has also contributed huge amounts of money to the most evil of democrat candidates, including several very large contributions to the Clintons.

He says that he did this, as all business people do, as a cost of getting business in today’s world, yet frankly, there are tons of good conservative businessmen who do not give money to these evil people and are quite successful. So I don’t buy into that excuse.

The fact is that Trump has some very popular opinions about immigration, building a wall between the US and Mexico to keep out the vermin and also has some good opinions concerning the many horrible trade deals that the US has and is now in the process of making, but the man is all over the field. In addition to these good ideas and opinions, he also holds many really bad liberal type opinions. Usually, after he has opened his big mouth or his fat little fingers have “tweeted” these out, his advisors tell him to claim he was taken out of context and change what he said. This is actually getting ridiculous. A true conservation knows right from wrong, whereas a progressive does not. Donald is way too often acting as a progressive.

Something that is not well known or at least well publicized is that for several years before announcing his candidacy this time he had one of his trusted executives listening to conservative talk radio every day in order to determine exactly what the biggest issues were with conservatives. This was done for years.

This is why he knew exactly which issues to bring up and which issues and positions he could take that would most endear him to conservatives and this is also why, at least this is my opinion, he is all over the field on so many issues. He apparently did not have his trusted executive find out what opinions to hold on all issues.

  1. There are others who believe that Donald is, or at least originally was, a Stalking Horse for Hillary Clinton. Many of you are probably asking what a “Stalking Horse” is. Well, here is a dictionary definition: a candidate put forward to divide the opposition or to conceal someone’s real candidacy

In other words, his real purpose of entering the race was to divide the republican party so that Hillary Clinton could win. This sounds a bit messed up and I don’t subscribe to this theory, but there are plenty of reasons for people to believe this. Here’s a little history to look at. In 1992 George Bush senior was running as the republican party and a pervert from Arkansas was running to become president as the democrat. Suddenly a previously unknown candidate named Ross Pero decided to run as an independent for president. Well, Ross was a self made billionaire who was self funding, like Donald. Ross chose topics that he knew the average American felt strongly about, such as international trade, just like Donald. He was running as the anti-establishment candidate, just like Donald. Ross formed a very loyal following who viewed him as one of our last great hopes at saving our country from the established political figures. Just like Donald. I can speak about the Ross Pero campaign, not as a historical event, but as a follower. I loved the idea of a Ross Pero presidency that would clean all of the filth out of Washington. I supported him, went to see him speak in the State of Maine (he came in second in the election in Maine and Utah) and had great hopes in him.

Well, Ross Perot did not win the election, although he pulled enough votes from the other two candidates to influence the election; about 19% of the popular vote. Unfortunately most of the votes he received were from conservatives who would have otherwise voted for Bush. Now, I couldn’t stand Bush Senior, but he would have been much better that the Arkansas pervert who then lived in the White House with his lying, dishonest Lesbian wife Hillary. Bill Clinton became president with less than 50% of the popular vote and even then it was rumored that Ross Perot was a Stalking Horse for the Clintons. Even if this was untrue, it had the same effect.

Suddenly now, 24 years later, it appears that we have the same situation going on, or at least with the same result. Kind of funny that this same situation happens with the lying dishonest cowardly camillion of a wife of the Arkansas pervert.

You might ask, “how can it be the same situation? Donald is not running as an independent, he’s running as a republican”. Well, the fact is that both Hillary and Donald are extremely unpopular with many people. Trump being just slightly more unpopular than Hillary although both are hated by more than 60% of the American people. Hillary and her evil minders would love to run against Donald because he is the only one of the republicans she can probably beat and she will only beat him because as a rule, about 5% of the votes that go to the democrats are bought, stolen or illegal.

If the election were held today and the candidates were Donald and Hillary, I would absolutely vote for Donald, so let me get that out of the way right now. But that doesn’t mean that I’m happy with Donald……………………………………………

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