MiR 114 A Tale of Two Countries

February 9, 2016

German Girl


Hi, this is Mark and you’re listening to episode #114 of the Mark in Russia broadcast.



It’s been a long time since my last episode. I’ve been really involved with making 38 video/audio files for an English course that I’m teaching and this has been eating up my microphone time, but things are slipping so quickly now. The hill that the crap is flowing downhill on is becoming steeper and steeper with each passing day.

Today I’m going to report on and editorialize on the present and increasing Muslim invasion of Europe, coming to America soon as long as our Muslim loving, Christian hating president is still in office. Wow, there is so much I would love to say right now, but I would prefer that this episode does not just turn into a venting session.

I’m not speaking today in order to be anti-Islamic, but given the choice of the survival of Christianity or the ascendancy of Islam, I will be a soldier for Christianity and a soldier against Islam without any reservation. Whether or not you believe, this choice will have to be made by most people in the Western world in the very near future and due to the feminization of so many western males, including a big chunk of the rising generation (I refuse to use the term Millennial to describe them, as if they are all the same), those that choose to keep neutral or choose “multiculturalism” will soon find out that this is not just some academic exercise and they may find that the girls and women in their life may be in danger and them also.

A couple of short years makes a huge difference in history. A few years ago Germany was looked at by most in the world as a very stable successful country and actually was the de facto head of the EU, which was being looked at as an example of what the New World Order would look like. Ha! What a difference a couple of years makes!

During this same time frame Russia was looked at as kind of a troublemaker, however one without good war technology and frankly, Russians were looked at as being a bit backward and overly nationalistic. Such old fashioned characteristics. I mean, Russia was trying to promote family values rather than pushing the militant gay agenda. The fact that the majority of Russians believed in these old fashioned values must have spoken to the fact that they just hadn’t progressed to the pinnacle of civilization that most of the west had. Poor Russians; they were so un-PC how could they ever hope to catch up with the perfect PC society being created in Europe and America. By the way, I’m not going to lump America into the same category as the “Old European” countries. America hasn’t fallen to that level yet and the fact that we have a rich history in modern times of fighting wars and the fact that there are 320 million guns in private hands in America, shows that there is still hope for the U.S.

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