MiR 113 1954 and Operation Wetback

August 31, 2015


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For someone such as myself who loves to rant and rave about American politics, Obama’s method of destruction of the American way of life and the speed at which the American people let him get away with this does not lend itself to speaking on one topic before a new crisis comes along, so I guess I’ll address a couple of them in my own manner.

The favorite statement of leftists in America when it comes to illegal immigrants is, “What are you going to do, deport 12 million undocumented immigrants?”

First of all, let’s take back our language from these Nazi like leftists and their PC bullshit. The term is illegal aliens, not undocumented immigrants. This is part of their plan to change the way that Americans think by first changing the language that we use. Screw you leftists!

Back to their question; they know that you don’t want to seem like a “hater” (another leftist BS word) so you’ll probably agree that we can’t deport 12 million illegals, so we should let them stay, but then not allow others to come in. Wrong answer! The correct answer should be, “Absolutely, deport every one of them!”

Well, we are Americans (and these vermin are not) and nothing is impossible for us. In other words, start thinking great again, like Americans always have before the catastrophe called Obama.

Butt wipes like Hillary Clinton will try to paint us normal Americans, that is, the 60% that would like to see illegals deported and regular immigration put on hold for a while, as being ready to load them into train cars made for cattle like the Nazis did for the Jews. Hillary is a nasty fat old lying, dishonest , lesbian sack of Democrat crap married to a lying pervert rapist. Screw her, nobody likes her and even her rats are jumping ship.

Personally, after 70% of these vermin illegals have been sucking welfare off the American taxpayer for years, a “Trail of Tears” or “Bataam Death March” doesn’t even sound unreasonable, a cattle car seems more than reasonable. However, we have the example of great leadership to show us how it’s been done in the past. “Done in the past?” When has this been done before? It’s impossible!

Well, sit down and let me tell you a little story with a hero, good guys and also bad guys. Everyone loves a good story and this is a corker!


In about 1950 General Eisenhower, who was not yet President, saw firsthand how during the time that our boys, and yes Feminazis, it was primarily men, were fighting in Europe and the Pacific, millions of Mexicans had snuck into the country to take some of the jobs, since about 7 million of our boys were away fighting. Eisenhower did not feel right that these illegals were still there working as our guys were returning from fighting for their country and that they were basically stealing 3 million jobs that rightfully belonged to Americans, Yeah, in those days American heroes cared first and foremost about their fellow Americans, that is, when they were not out spilling blood for a bunch of pussy Europeans. Ike thought a lot about this and when he decided to run for President he felt that this was a wrong he would set right.

Ike became President of the United States on January 20th 1953. He started working on his plan from day one. He saw that there was a ton of corruption in the border services along the US southern border with Mexico. At that time big business that owned many of the farms and factories in the southwest US, and California imported a ton of these illegals because they could pay them half and not pay any social benefits. Sounds like today. These big business owners in turn would pay off the top dogs in the border service in their areas, or make them beholden in other ways. The long and short of it was that these employers and their illegal workers were protected from on high. Again, it sounds like today.

So, Ike took almost all of the top dogs in the border service along our southern border and transferred them to the peaceful northern US border or had them arrested when corruption could be proven. He put his own dependable people in their places.

On June 17th 1954 Operation Wetback began. Bear in mind that there are now 20 times more border guards along the very same length border as there were in 1954. 750 border agents started with Arizona and California with the goal of capturing 1000 illegals each day. By the end of July they had captured more than 50,000 illegals and here is the part that people nowadays need to pay attention to; during that same time 500,000 illegals fearing arrest left the country and went back to Mexico.

The border agents then moved into other adjacent states. By the end of September they rounded up and arrested 80,000 illegals in Texas and more than 700,000 illegals fled Texas for fear of arrest.

Did we then just walk them across the border as they would now in the rare case of a deportation? Hell no! They were smart enough to know that they would just sneak back in. They had them transported by train and bus about 600 miles deep into Mexico………………………………………..

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