MiR 111 – The Boris Nemtsov Murder

June 29, 2015

Boris Nemtsov


On February 27th 2015, Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was gunned down just a stones throw from the Kremlin. The following interviews were done within days of the murder, but only now did I have the opportunity to put them all together.

Worldwide the crap is hitting the fan so quickly and in such volume, fresh news becomes old news within hours.

I’d like you to listen to a short ABC news sound clip telling what happened to Nemtsov.


News Clip

…………developing right now in russia what appears to be a vicious political assassination, a popular outspoken critic of the russian president Vladimir Putin shot in the back right out in the open just blocks from the Kremlin and abcs chief foreign correspondent is on the story…………….good morning dan; moscow is in shock today and a sharp chill of fear has ripped across russia. one of vladimir putin’s fearsest critics gunned down in broad daylight, 4 bullets in the back in the very shadow of the kremlin. this morning in moscow, flowers on a bridge usually filled with pedestrians and tourists marked the spot of the brazen killing. the scene last night was eary, incredible the body of Boris Nemtsov a veteran russian polititian long time putin foe lay on the ground, four bullets in his back. the killing coming just one day before nemtsov was to lead a march against putins war in ukraine………………………….

I grew up during the cold war and everyone knew what a propaganda machine the soviet union was; including the Soviet people. This hasn’t really changed and in fact is even worse in some respects, but what really disturbs me is how heavily propagandized the American media is.

I mean really, “a sharp chill of fear has ripped across Russia”? what a load of bullshit that was. I’ve been in Russia for about 14 years and I guess I missed the chill of fear as it passed throughout Russia. But then again, it was late February so I may have felt the chill, but missed the fear part.

Let’s talk with some others.



I guess that Lyubov must be a fluke. I mean, the ABC American journalist certainly has his fingers on the pulse of the Russian people, even the sounds effects used seems to prove this. Let me ask someone different.

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