MiR 110 General Martin Dempsey – Another Obama Sock Puppet

April 20, 2015

Dempsey and Obama

General Martin Dempsey is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in other words, the highest military person in the United States. However, Dempsey seems to have forsaken the men and women that he leads (the U.S. armed services) and decided that his career is more important. He is now a hopeless, hapless cheerleader for the Marxist  president of the United States. He is no longer worthy of anything other than disdain by both civilians and service personnel.

Not one highly placed military person has resigned or refused an order from this POS marxist president who hates Americans and also has a special place of hate in his soul for the US military. History will record the behavior of these turncoats, traitors and cowards. About the only way of redemption for most of them is to eat a bullet (self administered) and leave a note begging forgiveness from the American people and for the service men and women that they are trying to destroy.

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