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October 12, 2014

ebola virus


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Ok, first I want to announce a language alert. If you are under 18 or if some foul language offends you then you really need to turn off this episode now. There is no other way to emphasize the topic or severity of the topic without some salty language thrown in. So, if you will be offended, leave now and I’ll produce a clean language broadcast in about a week or so. Hell, you’ve waited since July for this one, another week or so won’t hurt you.

Leave now or forever hold your criticism concerning the language.

I want to talk a bit today about the death of the first Ebola patient in the USA.


Thomas Eric Duncan was a Liberian national and also the first person out of a potential huge number of people in America to die of this horrible disease. It’s rather fitting that he is called by his first middle and last name, you see, it’s an American tradition to reference all three names when we speak of assassins, think of Lee Harvey Oswald and James Wilkes Booth; the list is actually quite long, for some reason we refer to them by all three names. Well, one exception would be Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Robert Kennedy, but then again he was just some asshole from an Arab country that had only two names, and both of them the same.

Let me first read the statement from the hospital concerning his death, along with a little bit from his family:

“It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51 a.m.,” a spokesman from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said in a statement.

“Mr. Duncan succumbed to an insidious disease, Ebola. He fought courageously in this battle. Our professionals, the doctors and nurses in the unit, as well as the entire Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas community, are also grieving his passing. We have offered the family our support and condolences at this difficult time,” the statement said.

In a statement, Duncan’s partner, Louise Troh, who is in quarantine, expressed her thanks to the Dallas community, her church and the Liberian community for their support.

Our deepest sympathies go out to his father and family in Liberia and here in America. Eric was a wonderful man who showed compassion toward all,” the statement said.

I, on the other hand am profoundly happy that this piece of Liberian garbage is dead, furthermore, I hope he suffered a whole hell of a lot before he died.

Wow, I can hear the intake of breath already and others who are convinced that I will go immediately to hell for this statement, yet I can assure you that I won’t.

Let’s take a short look at this asshole who is now eulogized as a “Wonderful man who showed compassion toward all”. Now, he may have been a compassionate man and a wonderful one at that, but the last couple of weeks of his life had erased any good he ever did prior to that. Why do I say that, well let me expound on the Thomas Eric Duncan story.


This is a Liberian, he is not American, nor does he hold US citizenship or even a green card. In his hometown in Liberia, he saw two of his landlord’s children die of Ebola and at that time also realized that he helped carry one of the two to the hospital in a taxi. These were compassionate acts and he should be commended, but these are the last compassionate acts of his putrid ending life. You see, as soon as old Eric discovered that these kids had Ebola, including the one who he handled while getting her into a taxi, he figured he was a goner, but instead of just kissing his own sorry bony ass goodbye, he decided to become an assassin, kind of a modern day Typhoid Mary. In short, he ended his life as a selfish murdering asshole.

He was a driver for FedEx and the first thing he did was quit his job, the second thing he did was to go for a visa interview at the American Consulate there in Liberia. Now, I’ve got to say that here in Russia I’ve seen a hell of a lot of very good people be denied a visa for what seemed like no reason at all, but there in sunny Africa apparently a jobless unemployed driver with family in the USA seemed like a good risk and apparently the Consulate felt he would return. It should be mentioned here that Liberia has the worst non-return rate of people on US visas in the world. In other words, they travel to the US as tourists and then never leave. But, because I gave up the bullshit American habit of speaking politically correct, let’s call this as we should. Russians are white, European and educated, America is not looking for these traits anymore in immigrants or intending immigrants. But if you are a black African, even if from a hotbed of Ebola, you are one of Barrack Hussien Obama’s people and he wants you in the USA, so come on over Eric!


This selfish asshole only wanted to come to America because he thought that he might get treated there and live. Well, I can hear the minds clicking right now thinking, “You can’t really blame the guy for trying to do what he did in order to survive”. Well, guess again, I CAN blame him and will. He saw with his own eyes how it spread even throughout the place where he was living in Liberia and as he boarded the first flight to Belgium hung out at the airport waiting for his connecting flight to Washington, then waited there in the airport for his final flight to Dallas, he knew damned right well that he was possibly infecting every person he came within a meter of. He knew this very well, yet this selfish asshole kept on coming and infecting. A piece of shit intending illegal immigrant coming to my country to save his worthless foreign ass, rather than acting like a man and not taking women, children, men, ambulance drivers etc. with him. How can any pathetic clown, other than his mother speak of this POS in such glowing terms. The pussy died here anyhow, but not without first spreading death on a very wide trail.

Since this asswipe means nothing to me anyhow, let’s think about the medical costs to keep his sorry foreign ass alive for the 9 days he spent in the hospital. These costs are estimated to be about one million dollars, for the hospital and that doesn’t even include the cleanup project or the cost to keep the other sorry ass Liberian illegal aliens in a 5-star resort as they are kept for 21 days to see how many of them now have it. Are the American taxpayers going to get this money back from his family and friends? Ha!!!!!! No, the American taxpayers have just been forced to spend a million dollars to try to save this selfish asshole and when it comes time for an actual American’s elderly mom to go into the hospital with Ebola from this patient zero, she will not see this level of care and will die in an agonizing manner. Maybe now you can just barely begin to understand why I hope that he died in agony? Can’t yet? Well, let me play an audio clip from the asshole’s nephew here in America and I have no doubt that the asshole nephew is an illegal alien in the USA

You are going to hear radio talk show host and Constitutional scholar Mark Levin now. This man is a fountain of information and a pleasure to listen to.

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