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July 22, 2014



Welcome, you’re listening to the Mark in Russia Broadcast, episode 106 and I’m Mark………….


Lots of crap happening in the world today; the bloated and decomposing remains of about 300 dead bodies lying on the ground in Ukraine for more than 3 days in the sun who dropped in only because nobody shot a missile and killed all of them in addition to the destruction of another country’s airliner.

In the second largest city of Iraq, Mosul, the very last Christians left the city today after living there for 2000 years. These were the descendants of the great Assyrian people, who converted to Christianity shortly after the times of Jesus Christ. They were forced out under penalty of death by the low life Arab Islamo-nazi group called ISIS. The Western countries haven’t made a peep about this either. They’d rather be politically correct than actually defend fellow Christians anywhere else in the world. They figure if you don’t mention it, it isn’t happening. I don’t read about this atrocity in the Western press nor the Russian press. Maybe fewer pictures of our leaders looking holy lighting candles and more of them trying to protect western civilization.

All along the southern border of the U.S., more than 1000 illegal, diseased uneducated children, some “children” more than 30 years of age are pouring across the border and the so-called President of the USA does nothing except prevent the US Border Patrol from doing their jobs. Meanwhile, 320 million Americans sit like frightened cowards and let it happen. Never in my life did I believe I would see the people turn into such cowards. More fun to surf the net on their iPads and “Tweet” each other, as the bad guys of the world see the opportunity to take care of America finally. These illegal vermin are now spreading throughout American cities and communities and diseases are now appearing and being passed to the native population that haven’t been seen in the USA for decades.

Yeah folks, you elected him twice douche bags, how is that Hope and Change Obama style working out for you?

Israel, after having thousands of missiles launched into its cities and towns has finally had enough and has decided to bring it directly to Hamas. Of course western countries are asking them to “use restraint”, Yeah, really? Is there any western country, and I include Russia in this, that would allow a hostile neighbor to fire thousand of missiles into its population centers and then “show restraint” when it comes time to finally take care of the neighbors? The answer is No, so all of you other countries, shut the F up, it’s not your business and as for the Palistinians etc, protesting in western capitals and becoming violent animals about this, why the F did you even invite these hatred filled people to live in your western cities? How’s that working out for you?

Well, my point is that there is plenty of crap happening right now that I could feature on today’s broadcast, but I would like a break from this and instead I’ll feature an interview I did a couple of months ago with a Russian journalist named Veniamin Levitt, for you English speakers, the name Veniamin is Benjamin in English.

Veniamin is a younger guy, just over 30 years old but is a pleasure to speak with. Politically I believe that he and I are poles apart on some issues, but he is intelligent enough to make a compelling argument for his viewpoint and he is actually a wonderful window for me in what and why Russians feel the way they do about many things.

We met the first time when I was a guest on a radio show he was hosting on Silver Rain radio in Chelyabinsk, but we kept in touch with each other and recently we worked together again on a new documentary series that he is producing. He’s a young though mature guy with a plan. If Russia had a million more like him, nothing could stop them from out producing the world in the realm of smarts.

He worked at the Sochi Olympics this past winter and that is the main subject of our interview. I enjoyed his story because he saw a side of the Olympics that others, including other volunteers don’t get to see.

I need to explain something to my non-Russian listeners. At the Sochi Olympics he was a volunteer, but working under the umbrella of Russian Railroads. Russian Railroad is a huge conglomerate in Russia and the head of Russian Railways, Yukunin, is an extremely powerful figure here, certainly one of the top five power people in the country and he definitely has the President’s ear.

Well anyhow, let’s listen to what Veniamin has to say about his Sochi experience.






Well, that interview seemed to end rather abruptly, but it actually didn’t. The original interview went on for about another 15 minutes, but on different topics. You can hear it in episode # 104 of the Mark in Russia Broadcast.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of the podcast and come spend time with me again next time on the Mark in Russia podcast, until that time, this is Mark saying, “GoodBye!”.


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