MiR 105 How to Destroy America

July 14, 2014



During the past couple of months I’ve been working on several different projects, of which some will become podcasts, but there are events happening right now in America that the rest of the world needs to be aware of and you won’t read about it on U.S. government media outlets such as CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, The Washington Post or the New York Times.
Back when the current POS president of the US, Barack Hussein Obama was first elected I told those around me that the man hated America and his goal was to basically destroy the country as it existed at that time. Of course I sounded like a nut to those close to me, but now looking back, not so much anymore.
The country is now actually undergoing an invasion by human filth and vermin sneaking in illegally across our southern border. The thing is that they are not even sneaking, they are openly entering and bringing all of their 3rd world diseases and gangs with them. Obama the scum and those who surround him have orchestrated all of this are certainly not doing anything to stop it, but rather are encouraging it. As a result, the country is unraveling very quickly, more quickly than I ever would have believed possible.
I’ll speak about what is happening over the past several episodes, but for today I’d like to have you listen to a warning about immigration by a man who only realized too late, after his state was already in the process of being controlled by an uneducated population that could hardly, if at all speak English.

Governor Richard Lamb, a democrat whom I disagreed with on many issues was right on target in 2004 on the issue of immigration when he gave a scary and prophetic speech during a conference in Washington D.C., I’d like to read his speech for you and let’s think about this as a foundation for the series I’m launching at this time.

Governor Richard Lamb’s Speech
In a matter of days I’ll post the next episode of this series. This is actually very hard because of the fact that Obama is using the Marxist playbook concerning smashing the American people with so many scandals at one time that they can hardly process them. Things are changing so quickly and going downhill so fast that if I don’t post an episode within a day of researching it, the episode becomes dated and outdated right away.
I’ll try to keep on topic in order for people to follow things. In the meantime, the best sources for what is happening are the Breitbart website, the brainchild of the late Andrew Breitbart. They have been at the forefront of this invasion and where the first to report exactly what is happening to the rest of the world. Even the mainstream media is starting to cover a little bit because they can no longer completely ignore things. It would be far too obvious. You can find them at Breitbart.com another great source is the busiest news site in the world, the drudge report at drudgereport.com and finally, the talk radio host Mark Levin is doing a fantastic job at letting people know what is going on along with the background necessary to understand they “why”. You can listen to Mark 5 days a week on the radio or download his podcast free of charge at themarklevinshow.com
Until next time this is Mark in Russia saying, “GoodBye!”

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