MiR 095 – You Are Not Special

December 7, 2013

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You’re listening to episode # 095 of the Mark in Russia Broadcast and I’m Mark…………………………….


The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t give a crap about what most people think of me. This can actually help society in the respect that I’ll no longer keep my mouth shut in order to be politically correct. Well, this does show up occasionally in my broadcasts, but today my sharp tongue will be aimed at young people.

Seeing how my life as a university teacher and someone who works with youth exchange programs revolves amongst the young, this episode may lose me some Facebook Friends, but what the hell, it’s better to be told the truth rather than let people you like live a lie.

I’ve always found it humorous that the media needs to find some name for each generation. My generation was known as the “do nothing” generation because we said “screw you” to the prior hippy generation, we didn’t give a crap about the whales and instead decided to make careers. Well, my generation was not the “Great Generation” as the older generation of 80 year olds were, but we did invent the internet, all things IT, video games, Microsoft, mobile phones, space shuttles, home computers and tablet computers and pretty much everything else you young punks can’t live without today, so I guess we did do “something”. We were followed by Generation “X”, Generation “Y” and now we have the young generation referred to as the “Millennials”. You millennials are the ones who this message is aimed at today. Generation X and Y, it’s too late for you.

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