MiR 089 – American National Suicide

June 24, 2013

National Suicide

Hi, you’re listening to episode # 089 of the Mark in Russia broadcast, and I’m your host, Mark……….


For all of you with delicate dispositions and weak of heart, you need to turn off this episode right now. This is not one of my normal episodes, but it’s a story I’ve got to tell and vent about a little. The language will not be soft and gentle, so trust me if you are easily offended turn it off now…………..

OK, if you’re still here it means that you are not easily offended, so let’s go.

I’m going to just scratch the surface of the big immigration reform bill before congress right now. This is a bill, which if passed, will push America from the level of Great Nation to the level of a has been country, and although this thought will actually appeal to many others throughout the world, watch how in its death throes it will destroy the world economy, including yours (well, if you are a gloating non-American).

This’ll sound like some sort of conspiracy theory to some, but the hard left in America has been striving for this very day for almost 100 years, but it was impossible to obtain this with the character of the American people. So, I need to tell a little back story first to give you some background.


In 1965 a group of Democrats, including Ted Kennedy, may God curse his soul. (This may seem a bit strong to speak this way of the dead, but this man murdered a young woman and got away with it because he was a Kennedy, so in my mind, there isn’t a deep enough pit in hell for this slimebag’s filthy soul). Anyhow, after passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Lyndon Johnson, the then Democrat President proclaimed that the blacks would now vote Democrat for the next 100 years, but for this group that met in 1965, they couldn’t be sure of this and because the Democrat party can only survive with a permanent class of poor uneducated voters to keep them in office, this group decided to assure this by changing America’s immigration policy. You see, before this time there were many Europeans, Central Europeans, Eastern Europeans, British , Australian, Scottish and Irish people who came to live in America, in other words, the same type of people that worked hard to form this great nation. What Kennedy and his cohorts were trying to accomplish was to change the immigration laws so that people from the poorest, least educated countries in the world would receive preference in immigration, what they also introduced was something called “chain migration”, which means that uneducated person #1 is allowed to immigrate to the US. This person is then able to petition to bring in other relatives, so instead of one uneducated immigrant living in America, we now have all of his sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles…………………well, you get the picture. So, instead of getting the type of immigrant that has some education, and a drive to succeed matched with the ability to succeed, what we often got was a large extended family who had nothing to contribute to America and instead just lived on welfare and other taxpayer funded programs, all the while never assimilating into American society. But this was the exact plan of this group of Democrats. You see, this group of politicians didn’t care about these people, they just needed a permanent class of poor people dependent upon the government. How about a little irony; Teddy Kennedy worked with his brother Robert Kennedy on this treacherous immigration policy back in 1965. Robert was shot and killed by one of the very poor immigrants from a craphole country that came in under his plan three years later in 1968. I don’t hate Robert Kennedy as I do his brother Edward, but it is hard to ignore the irony of this situation. At least he was one of the first to see, if only for an instant, the end result of his evil law. These people will always vote for the ones who promise the most “free stuff”. And because they are not contributing to society at all, they are just sucking the life from the country.

A nation of people has the right to determine who they will allow to immigrate into their country, not just some small select group of asshole politicians. People want immigrants who will contribute to life in their new country, assimilate into daily life in their adopted country and also bring some clever ideas. The reward for all of this/ The American dream, which simply means that you can advance as high as you are able to, become as successful as you are able to, limited only by your own natural abilities and ideas, not limited by who you know and who your connections are.

The changes to America have accelerated under Obama and the overall intelligence of the average American has been steadily dropping year after year. In terms of youth, we’ve become a nation of little narcissistic turds who are pretty much useless. A life centered around Twitter and Facebook, perhaps catching the latest season of American Idol. Kids who are told since birth how special they are and therefore they now believe that they are special. News Flash!!! You aren’t special and as a matter of fact you are not really good at anything. Your parents may have tried to brainwash you with all of this special crap, but many of you are now young adults and old enough to know that there is really nothing special about you.

Well, back to immigrants. Just to the south of the U.S. is the filthy third world shithole known as Mexico. I don’t dislike Mexicans, but I’m not very impressed by their country and judging by the number of Mexicans who sneak into America, neither are many of them. As I said, I don’t dislike Mexicans, especially when they come to America legally; I very much dislike the ones who sneak in illegally. Think about your country as your home. If people are sneaking into your home uninvited, then trying to change the rules of your home to suit them, you’d kick their asses the hell out and I feel no different about illegal immigrants.

It should be remembered that we have some families of Mexican decent in America, particularly in parts of Texas that have lived on their property for more than 300 years. But, it should also be known that the vast majority of legal Mexican immigrants in America also dislike the illegals.

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  1. marcie Oct 21, 2013

    You are absolutely right:-)

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