MiR 087 – Go Go Apple and F.U. Congress

May 27, 2013

Republican Rand Paul

Republican Rand Paul



Welcome to episode number 087 of the Mark in Russia broadcast and I’m your host, Mark……….


Those of you that know me also know that I’m a P.C. fan when it comes to computers and a Samsung fan when it comes to mobile phones. While I’m not a rabid “anti-Apple” person, I am against the fenced in architecture under which Apple operates. I think that Apple makes fine products, I guess that it’s more the apple people, or perhaps better to call “Droids” (not to be confused with Android) that drive me crazy. I mean think about this; someone who uses a P.C. never says, “I’ll go home this evening and finish the project on my PC” they would say, “I’ll go home this evening and finish the project on my computer”. In contrast, an Apple person will ONLY say, “I’ll go home this evening and finish the project on my Mac”. Never, “on my computer”. I guess that they must feel that this is letting the world know that they are a superior being, when in fact it just lets the rest of the world know that they are a giant douche bag.

Apple knowingly released a faultily engineered antenna on the the iPhone 5, I think. After blaming the dropped calls on the service provider who actually invested more than one billion dollars in trying to improve the system to prevent the dropped iPhone calls, it comes out that the problem lies with the phone and not with the carrier. The company was also well aware of the problem prior to releasing the product into the marketplace.  Well, the antenna is redesigned and people who have the bad design are given a special case which prevents the phone design flaw from dropping the calls.

For any other company in the world, this would present a huge PR problem and actually impact their business negatively, but thanks to the hive mentality of Apple users, there was no problem at all. They just all put their virginal white little earbuds in their ears, smug in the knowledge that god (otherwise known to the droids as Steve Jobs) was on his throne and all was well.

Well, we all know what happened next. God died and the company, along with its droids lost their bearings in life, and some might say, their faith. Suddenly the tech blogs and even some users started to bad mouth Apple, enough anyway for the slime sucking bottom feeders that inhabit the US Congress to come out of their rancid little dens and sniff the air believing that they’ve smelled blood somewhere.

The following controversy is a product of the things I just spoke about but also of the latest train of socialist political thought which is gaining traction amongst the least educated Americans and also the leftist assholes, that is the old Marxist class warfare tirade. You know, “tax the rich!” What they are actually trying to say is to act like that wonderful Marxist ass of old called Robin Hood. You see, since we are young, many of us are taught that basically all rich people are bad and got that way by abusing the poor. My take is a little different than this. I prefer to think of the “Rich” as the successful, this is a much more positive image, isn’t it? The poor, although not always are those who do not have the drive or ambition to become successful, often an envious bunch and quite often losers. You ever notice that often the poor have a whole story about why they are poor and others are rich. If they would devote as much time at trying to think of a way to succeed, I suspect that they wouldn’t be poor anymore, but I digress. I’m from an earlier generation of Americans who believed and strived for success, not from the current 50% of the nation who are nothing more than envious losers.

Well, although it seems that I’m off on a tangent rant, branching away from my topic, I’m not, I’m actually giving you some necessary background.

This brings us to the present onslaught against Apple concerning payment of income taxes.

On Monday the 20th of May the CEO, CFO and the head of Apple’s tax division were called to appear before a congressional committee. The subject of the intended berating was that the committee felt that Apple was not paying their fair share of taxes and were “hiding a lot of cash offshore and the US government needs this money to redistribute it to some lazy, welfare sucking lowlifes who contribute absolutely nothing to society. First let’s understand that Apple paid $8 billion dollars in taxes last year. That’s a billion with a “B”. We also need to understand that Apple is an American success story and is now sitting on approx. $120 billion in cash, with $40 billion being in the US and $80 billion being located elsewhere in the world.

So, it’s this $80 billion dollars that the US government would like Apple to bring into the US, so that the US government can extract a 35% corporate income tax from them. That’ll help pay for some of the “free stuff” that Team Obama gives to the low life uneducated unwashed masses that vote for him and for the democrats in general. You also need to understand that this $80 billion dollars came from overseas sales of their products, not a penny from America.

Since the current socialists in charge of America dislike Apple, then I guess I have to rethink my former position and as a minimum support them on this tax issue.

Ok, we’re now going to listen to a couple of New York Times style lefties speak about the situation, pay particular attention to the language used to describe things:

Language is a powerful tool and statists use it to help shape public opinion. Conservative people need to be more aware of this and not use the language of the left to describe things.

Everything that Apple did was legal and nobody is saying otherwise. It is my personal opinion that it is the duty of every taxpayer and business owner to pay the absolute minimum amount of taxes allowed by law and keep the balance to spend or invest as they see fit for themselves and their businesses.

Let’s go over a few phrases of statist language used in the preceding audio file and see how the language is used to paint Apple as sleazy, dishonest and sneaky.

“Apple managed to slip through the cracks in order to avoid paying taxes” slipped through the cracks, I guess that sort of defines the behavior of a cockroach.

“Apple avoided paying taxes due to the tactics used”

“Loopholes need to be closed”. This word “loophole” brings to mind some sneaky way of getting around things when in fact what they did is in accordance with US tax laws, approved and sometimes written by the very scumbag losers who sat on the congressional committee.

Apple stated that “they didn’t use “Gimmicks””. Here Apple is responding to a charge from the committee, using their same wording.

The biggest loser on this committee is a man named Carl Levin, who is a senator from some lefty northern state such as Wisconsin or Minnesota. I mean really, what the hell is wrong with you people that you would elect this fool to be your Senator for so many years; it says little well about you. As they say, people deserve the leaders they elect. Anyhow, without wasting my time on Carl Levin quotes, all I can say is that Marx would be proud of him, or for that matter Lenin. Carl Levin is the winner of this week’s huge F.U. award.

As I mentioned earlier; Apple is a great American company that produces a product wanted and desired by people all over the world and they also pay more money in taxes than any individual or any company in America. They should be applauded rather than hauled in front of this group of losers and leftists who for the most part have never even worked a real job, much less run a company that employs tens of thousands of people throughout the world. All these losers have done is to spend OPM all of their adult lives. Although, even in congress, there are some rare exceptions to these losers and one of them is Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.  Let’s listen to him now:


In the interest of trying to keep this podcast to a reasonable length, I’m not going into this in the depth that I would like to. My main complaints are that companies like apple are very special; to take ideas and turn them into desires and actual necessities is no small feat of marketing skill. It’s up to them to create ever better products and hopefully also employ more people as they grow, who in term contribute more billions into the individual tax coffers. It is not their job to become a “piggy bank” for Obama and his leftists who are in the process of “Fundamentally changing America”

Yeah, by the way my fellow Americans, how’s that change coming along for you? A once great nation that is now quickly becoming a nation of part time workers with third world health care. I haven’t been away from the US for all that long, but the changes I see are very discouraging, but the worst part is that so many people don’t care or want to know more about it. For some reason the main stream media protects and shield this group of wreckers, even as their own newspapers are destroyed and their phones tapped by the US Justice Department. It’s simply amazing to watch and impossible for me to understand.

So, I guess I’m saying that I am now a supporter of Apple, not because of their products, but because they are a great example of what used to be possible in America before Obama rose to power.

I’m going to end this podcast now and hope to return to the “My Life in Russia” series next week. I just saw these stories and couldn’t hold my indignation in.

Thanks for listening until the end of this podcast and come back next week for a new episode, until that time……GoodBye!

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