MiR 055 – Reflecting Absence – 911 Memorial

July 23, 2012

Welcome to the Mark in Russia podcast network, episode number 55, and I´m Mark.
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Sorry I haven´t made a new podcast in the past six weeks, but it is summer and I spent the past month in the States. By the way, the title of today´s podcast, Reflecting Absence, does not refer to my absence over the past six weeks, but rather a little bit about my trip to the 911 Memorial in NYC in late June. The actual name of the 911 Memorial is “Reflecting Absence” and accurately reflects the mood of the memorial.
Honestly, I wasn´t sure what to expect in terms of feelings when I got to the memorial. Even to this day when I see a video of the World Trade Center attacks, I get choked up while at the same time becoming filled with hatred towards all who hate me and wish to see me dead because of my religion and country. I was going to see the memorial with my family and really didn´t want to get teary eyed over things I saw and remembered.

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